In Case You Didn’t Know: AfroPunk Brooklyn

by on July 14, 2015

   This two-day festival is taking place August 22-23. The festival is featuring over 20 artists, including, Lenny Kravitz, Kelis, Lion Babe and Grace Jones. It has been deemed one of the most multicultural events that a music lover can attend, and has affordable and earned tickets for attendees. The ticket pricing ranges from $49 to $264; with options of general admission or VIP. Tickets can be earned by attendees through volunteer and community service- a way to get younger attendees involved within the community. This festival is more than just about music, it’s a call to social action.

    Grace Jones will be attending the first annual AfroPunk Fancy Ball on the 24th, a fundraiser for AfroPunk Global Initiative. The goal of this initiative is to influence better the representation of people of color within society and the media, as well as broaden the access to arts in all communities.

    The ambience of AfroPunk is known to be diverse, yet afrocentric; initiating change, yet not aggressive in protest- it’s altogether a celebration of cultures and the arts.

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