Justine Skye is “Emotionally Unavailable”

by on July 13, 2015

   Meet Justine Skye, a 19-year-old Brooklyn songstress. She is breaking into the Pop genre with a unique style and sound. Her EP, Emotionally Unavailable is out right now, and is a taste of what we can expect from her musically in the future.

   She gained notoriety from her Tumblr, posting song covers, and modelesque photos of herself showcasing her violet tresses. She began taking music seriously as a sophomore in high school. Shortly after, she had the opportunity showcase her talents in front of major music labels, including, L.A.Reid. It didn’t end well because labels did not think she was prepared to be signed yet, but that didn’t stop Skye. Years later, she is now signed to Atlantic Records.

   Emotionally Unavailable, is a compilation of tracks that talk about lost love and new beginnings, subjects that can pertain to Skue’s personal life and musical career.

    “Bandit,” is her first single off of the EP. It has a Carribbean flavor, made for dancing, or to be intertwined within a club mix. It also has a hint of sensuality.

   “Don’t Worry,” is a track about a breakup, but instead of taking the traditional route and singing about the heartbreak, Skye belts that she is okay with the severing of the relationship. The track exemplifies the strength in her voice, and her super-girl persona.

   “I’m Yours,” features rapper, Vic Mensa. It’s a light-hearted fun track, that proves Skye will be a consistent contender within the pop genre.

    Altogether, Emotionally Unavailable is a fun collection of songs, that can provoke listeners to dance or reflect on how heartbreak is a season, and not a life sentence.