Kelela is Mandatory Listening

by on August 13, 2015

   You can tell from the first listen that Kelela doesn’t paint inside the lines. Her stunningly disjointed electronic sound confronts you boldly, but never overpowers her hauntingly elegant R&B vocals. Clearly inspired by artists like Björk and Solange Knowles, Kelela is set to pushed to the front of the progressive R&B scene.

  Kelacla2 LA-based songwriter and vocalist Kelela exploded onto the music scene after releasing her mixtape “Cut 4 Me” in 2013 to much praise.

    Now Kelela is back this year with her new EP, “Hallucinogen”, which will release this fall to much expectation. To our dismay, the EP has been delayed in the past self-admittedly by the artist’s own perfectionism.

   To give us a little teaser of the upcoming EP, Kelela has released the devastatingly gorgeous visuals for the premiere track on the upcoming EP called “The Message”. Although, the visuals were released five months ago, we are desperately awaiting Kelela’s return. This week’s mandatory listening is just another audiophiles’ plea to Kelela for more.