Laura Jones Packs a Good ‘Punch’

by on May 1, 2015

   Upon hearing the word ‘Punch’, two images come to mind. The first is of two fighters in a ring, or an octagon, duking it out for a title belt. The other, more tame version, is of sitting at a nicely set table with flowers, delicacies, and fruit punch.

   With Australian artist Laura Jones both terms apply to her paintings. Her series, aptly named ‘Punch’, is at first sight a brightly colored setting. Her vivid colors and composition draw the viewer in. Influenced by Matisse, Jones’ pieces and ability have brought traditional painting and adapted it to the modern era. How does one apply the fighting term to Laura Jones? Well, frankly speaking as an artist she’s a knockout.




To see more of her work check out her website.

All artwork is property and copyright Laura Jones. 2015.