Laura Marling Announces New Album Entitled “Short Movie”

by on December 18, 2014

Laura Marling has announced a new album – her fifth in just seven years – entitled Short Movie, set for release via Ribbon Music on March 24th of next year. In a Dylan-esque move toward decidedly noisier territory, Marling has coated Short Movie with noticeable layers of prominent electric guitar. Additionally, Marling serves as the album’s producer alongside drummer Matt Ingram and engineer Dan Cox.


Following the success of her 2013 album Once I Was An Eagle (named by Rolling Stone as one of the best albums of that year), Short Movie is the result of an extended period of reflection and a conscious move away from the perils of routine. After actively exploring the work of Rilke, Chris Kraus, and Jodorowsky, Marling found a renewed interest in songwriting. “I’ve always been told that I’m an old soul. And I’m not,” Marling said in a recent press release. “I just have a deep voice and a stern face. I am actually young. I hadn’t had a chance to stop and think about that before.” Peep the Short Movie tracklist and the video for the title track below.

1. Warrior

2. False Hope

3. I Feel Your love

4. Walk Alone

5. Strange

6. Don’t Let Me Bring You Down

7. Easy

8. Gurdjieff’s Daughter

9. Divine

10. How Can I

11. Howl

12. Short Movie

13. Worship Me