Meet Jasmine Thompson

by on June 22, 2015

   Jasmine Thompson is only 14 years old, but her voice and lyrical content is way beyond her years. Her style of music can qualify as a Kate Nash prodigee, with a little Colbie Caillat as well.

   She’s from Central London, and started a YouTube channel in 2010, and since then it has grown tremendously. With over 1 million subscribers and acoustic covers that have landed on the UK’s Singles Charts, it is evident that Thompson is an ever-growing artist with ever-growing fans.

   She has been on tour with artists such as, Cody Simpson, gaining notoriety from all over the world. She also has travelled to work on her lyrical content as well. According to her artist site, she just recently traveled to Bali to write songs.

   Her 2011 single, “Almost Lover,” showcases her poetic lyricism and beautifully, raspy voice. Her raspiness is a signature style concerning her vocals and turns ger musical covers, into sultry remixes. A quality that makes this YouTube star, a voice to watch out for.