Meet Madisen Ward And The Mama Bear

by on April 20, 2015

   Madisen Ward And The Mama Bear are a mother-son duo out of Kansas City, Mo., that perform original folk music. Madisen Ward, 26, is the lead vocalist and songwriter of the group, while his mother, Ruth Ward, 62, is the backup vocalist. Both play the guitar.

   When firsts hearing about this mother-son duo, some will most likely categorize it as a gimmick, or cliche. Because honestly, how many artists are in a band with their mother, and vice versa? But Madisen Ward And The Mama Bear are far from a cliche. The dynamics of their group is respect. Madisen respects his mother as a musical artist and and Ruth respects her son as a brilliant songwriter and vocalist. Their connection is something only a mother and son can display on stage.

   Madisen’s voice is shockingly beautiful. When first hearing the above track, “Silent Movies,” I assumed his vocals would match the soft acoustics he and his mother played, but on the contrary, his voice differed greatly from their instruments, but it still meshed well. His voice is full; full of passion, troubling lyrics and sincerity.

   The duo plans to release an album in May, as well as playing live shows throughout the U.S. and other countries. They are in their way to bigger notoriety.