Michael Stipe is Teaching Art Classes at NYU

by on October 13, 2014

As part of his artist/teacher residency at NYU, Michael Stipe is currently conducting an ever-evolving exhibition project including “studio, classroom, laboratory” elements.  In short, Stipe (alongside a guest curator) will provide a weekly class of 18 students with a creative prompt.  In response, the class will upload 100 original and/or found images and gifs to a private class website, from which they will be projected across the gallery as part of the exhibition NEW SIGHTS, NEW NOISE.  In a statement posted to R.E.M. HQ and excerpted below, Stipe explained the significance of the exhibition’s title and his artistic intentions for the project’s duration.

“The title NEW SIGHTS, NEW NOISE refers directly to the glut and onslaught of information made available by the internet, often without context or authorship; the disproportionate and impulsive reactions that it provokes, and the reckless cynicism of a 24hour news cycle…, my desire would be to question how we can process all this and then employ, alter, or move beyond it altogether.”

Image: Tom Hill/WireImage

Michael Stipe in Athens, GA // 1990 // Image: Tom Hill/WireImage

Featured Image by Tim Mosenfelder/ImageDirect