Music Artists Who Artistically Keep It Real

by on April 6, 2015

url  It’s common for independent artists to want to gain more popularity, because they want their art to reach the masses. But what usually sparks popularity? Controversy, commonality and simplicity. Here are a few artists that are rising from the norm, and adding a touch of vulnerability to their music.

   Kat Dahlia is a Cuban-American singer/writer/rapper from Miami. The raspy quality of her voice is hard to duplicate, and matches the raw content of her music. In her track,”Mirror,” which appeared on her album, My Garden, Kat addresses her self esteem. Although, the track can be categorized as a love song, the song also addresses how validation from someone that you love cannot compare to accepting oneself.


  Ab-Soul is a rap artist under the indie label, Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE). He, along with rap artists, Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q are a few of the members of the group, Black Hippy. His style is calm and retrospective, and fairly easy to vibe too. In his song, “World Runners,” he talks about being passionate and real within his lyrics and lifestyle; a characteristic that he feels only a few possess.

  Tori Kelly is a singer/songwriter who began her climb to fame via YouTube. Her sweet falsettos and poetic lyrics appeal to young women trying to conquer their dreams. In her song, “Confetti,” she warns listeners that life does not get easier when one obtains notoriety. She cautions herself to live in the moment as opposed to always looking towards the future.