Music Box: A Brand New Flava in Ya Ear

by on August 5, 2014

Even with nearly 800 different music genres in the world, we still find ourselves drawing blanks on what we want to listen to. Maybe this quick list will help your party playlist or give you that new sound you’re looking for.

Thanks to pop  artist Pitbull with his chart topping song “Timber” ft. Ke$ha, the masses have been introduced to Country Dance Music, which takes the classic country style and infuses it with hip hop elements and fast pace up beat lyrics usually about clubbing, drinking and having fun. Maddie & Tae and Florida Georgia Line represent this genre well.

Speaking of hip hop elements, I’ve been recently introduced to the ever more popular sounds of intergalactic hip hop which has roots in underground/alternative rap with psychedelic musical influences. A big name reference might be Kid Cudi, but other artists like Kool Keith and Janelle Monae also fit the aesthetic.

Australia brought us not just the invention of the word “selfie” but a brand new genre made this year: Stadium Doleware. Up beat coastal musicality and beetle-esque vocals, it’s excellent good vibes music that would be right at home in a summer beer commercial or a tropical vacation montage. Bands like Cool Sounds, The Ocean Party and Ciggie Witch have some pretty good songs worth listening to.

And just like that, you now have expanded your genre vocabulary and have a leg up on your friends still stuck in the mainstream. Happy listening.