Netflix Deep Cuts: William Eubank’s “Love” – A Lesson in DIY Cinema

by on September 12, 2014

With thousands of films across every conceivable genre available to you at any given moment, the incomprehensible depth of Netflix can sometimes be a bit overwhelming.  That’s why Perspective Daily offers “Netflix Deep Cuts,” spotlighting those hidden gems you might have missed.  This week, we invite you to queue “Love” – the 2011 existential sci-fi debut from director William Eubank.  A fascinatingly dichotomous example of budget-conscious filmmaking and cinematographic beauty, “Love” approaches the lost-in-space genre (all hats off to star Gunner Wright, carrying the film almost entirely on his own) with something unique: hope.  Scored by Angels & Airwaves (and produced by Angels frontman Tom DeLonge), “Love” offers a cinematic meditation on the importance of human interaction in the face of technological failure.