North Korea’s Instructional Dance Video

by on June 26, 2015

   A recently released video of North Korean traditional dances has surfaced. But it doesn’t stop there: instructions are provided! While public dancing used to be a much more frequent sight, open performance in this strict region has been seen less and less in the last decade. The songs that the dances are performed to are namely tributes to previous dictators, current dictator Kim Jong Un, and the Korean War. It is a puzzling, uplifted side to the news typically coming out of North Korea. Stories often surface involving brutality to its misbehaving citizens and censorship to media and world news.

   Will this be a boost for North Korea’s tourism front? Not likely. The dances will remain part of traditional days of celebration for North Korean nationals, Some Sundays and holidays have seen more dancing. July 27— also known as Victory Day when the Korean War ended— will be the next mass demonstration of traditional dances.

   So what can one expect from these dances? Something of a cross between Irish dancing and other folk partner dances and a waltzy ballet. Ladies and gents partner up and gracefully twirl and dip each other as they step along to a familiar looking grapevine. While there isn’t much of a nightclub scene in North Korea, these traditional dances are slowly evolving the thinking of an arts-hungry community.