On the Rise: Emerging Female Emcees

by on March 12, 2015

    Pursuing a genre that is predominantly run by rap artists like Nicki Minaj is not only difficult, but nearly impossible. Not solely because of the enormous talent and following of Minaj, but also due to the fact that hip-hop is a male-dominated industry. Here are a few artists that are fighting against the odds within their own artistry.

1. T’nah APEX – Brooklyn, NY

   T’nah APEX’s rap style is very reminiscent of early hip-hop emcees, Queen Latifah and Lauryn Hill. She can hold her own within this male-dominated genre, sharing tracks with Pro Era artists Joey Bada$$ and CJ Fly , presenting herself to be just as gully and socially conscious of her Brooklyn territory as any male rapper. She is a moderate mixture; poetic, but not boring; street, but not overly explicit.

Tracks I recommend to check out are “Go” featuring CJ Fly and “Fair Warning”


2. Snow Tha Product – San Jose, CA

   I first heard Snow Tha Product on BET’s 2014 Hip Hop Awards. There is an infamous part of the award show where old and new rap artists freestyle within different groups; Snow Tha Product was the only female within her group. Apart from her being the only female to be in her group of artists, she was also the only Latina. She even rapped a large portion of her freestyle in Spanish. Her wordplay tends to be comedic and explicit, but nonetheless entertaining. She is slowly bringing diversity to hip-hop through her culture and gender.

Songs I recommend are “Doing Fine” and “Til’ Death.”


3. Noname Gypsy – Chicago, ILL

   Noname Gypsy is a rap artist that speaks with clarity. But don’t let her relaxed rap style fool you; her lyrics are very dense and complex. I first came across Noname via fellow Chicago rapper, Chance The Rapper; she appeared on the track “Lost,” which was featured on his mixtape Acid Rap (2013). Her verse on this track at first, seemed too simple and relaxed, but after listening several times, you hear her metaphors of childhood nursery rhymes and sexual exploration.

Apart from “Lost,” I would recommend listening to her tracks “Dizzy” and “Paradise.”