R.E.M. Explores Their Shared History with MTV

by on October 16, 2014

Though they officially (and amicably) disbanded in 2011, the continuous cultural appreciation of R.E.M. hasn’t wavered.  With the recent announcement of R.E.M.TV – a 6-disc DVD set chronicling the “shared history” of R.E.M. and MTV –  the band is cleverly acknowledging the serendipity of their beginnings, fueled in large part by the rise of MTV.  In addition to a new feature-length documentary entitled R.E.M. by MTV (which, according to the press release, “traces R.E.M. and MTV in real time” by “drawing exclusively on archival events”), the 6-disc set will also include live performances (as far back as 1991), award show highlights, and various television appearances.  To glimpse at the inarguable value of this collection, consult the band’s 1993 VMAs performance below.