‘Repainting’ Starry Night—With Dominoes

by on July 21, 2015


    It takes a lot of patience to recreate a classic work of art. It takes even more patience if you’re re-creating that work of art in dominoes.

    Youtube artist Flippycat spent 11 hours painstakingly arranging 7,000 dominoes to fall into the familiar patterns of “Starry Night.” Dubbed “Vincent Van DomiGogh-Starry Night” by the mysterious Youtube domino savant, the final collapse is a breathtaking ballet of color and spatial awareness.

    It’s also not Flippycat’s only foray into art history. One of the Youtube channel’s first pieces was the “Domino Lisa”—a playful take on the Da Vinci masterpiece. The flip of which, startles the titular cat of the artists name away from the colorful project on Flippycat’s studio floor.