Well, It’s Edgy: Shocking Music Videos

by on July 9, 2015

With the recent release of Rihanna’s music video for “BBHMM” and the controversy surrounding it, it seems as though the thematics of music videos are once again raised to a new level. But it’s not just mainstream artists shooting for a shock factor in their music videos, current and past emerging artists use this use this tactic as well. Here are a few videos that meet that shocking criteria.


1. “Spectacular” by Kiely Williams

In 2010, former Cheetah Girl member, Kiely Williams, released the music video for her new single, “Spectacular” and to viewer’s surprise, it was far from her Disney Channel content. In the song, she talks about a wild night out that concluded with a one-night stand. The video is as vulgar as the lyrics. Luckily, viewers are not shown the actual hookup, but are shown a clip of the morning after. We see Williams preparing to leave the anonymous man’s place of stay, while getting a glimpse of the man naked on the bed. This video was altogether a distasteful surprise.


2. “She” by Tyler The Creator


Tyler The Creator is known for his shock value. Ever since we saw him eat a centipede in his video for “Yonkers,” we’ve expected nothing less. This video is right in tune with the lyrics of the song. In the video, Tyler is dressed in a hoodie with a black ski mask. The video follows him stalking a girl he admires. Not to mention, Frank Ocean, who sings the chorus, also follows her around, but plays as background scenery. So, essentially the video is about two men stalking one girl. The video gets even stranger when the viewer realizes that the entire video may have just bet a television show that the girl had been watching the entire time, until the last few seconds we see Tyler standing behind her as she sits comfortably on the couch- a little eery.


3. “Papi Pacify” by FKA twigs


Unlike the music video, the lyrics to this song takes on the least common definition of the word, pacify, which means to calm. The video, however, takes on the most common definition, to quiet. The video shows FKA twigs standing in front of a man while singing. Strangely, the man begins to place his fingers in her mouth, almost as a way to quiet her. The video is disturbing due to the fact that this is the entire video. It escapes with the male actor reaching further into her mouth. This video seems more subtly violent than sensual.