Songs That Will Remind You Why It’s Awesome To Be Single

by on February 16, 2015

In the wake of Valentine’s Day weekend, may we’d like to remind you that having a relationship does not have to be the most important thing in your life. This Valentines you were most likely drowning in romantic comedies, chocolates and R. Kelly songs, but now it is time to rid ourselves of Cupid’s spell and be reminded why it is still awesome to be single.  From having an un-attached rendezvous to having the space and time to heal, this playlist will help you not only cope with being single, but to embrace it!

1. “No Love Involved” – Kira Hayze feat. Nkenge

“We can do whatever, baby/ As long as there’s no love involved”

2. “Dear No One” – Tori Kelly

“I like being by myself/ Don’t gotta entertain anybody else/ No one to answer to”

3. “Tears Fall” – Jacquie Lee

“I was blinded by love/ Couldn’t see a way to leave/ But I’m coming out of the darkness”

4. “Cough Syrup (Cover” – Matthew Schuler

“If I could find a way to see this straight/ I’d run away/ To some fortune that I, I should have found by now”

5. “Family” – Chance The Rapper feat. Vic Mensa

“Trying to live our lives like our lives are so golden”

Featured Image by Roberto Ventre