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The Fight for the National Mall: The Devaluing Of The U.S.

by Terrin Glasson October 14, 2015
  Recently, I read an article on NPR that posed a slightly unsettling question: Do we really need the National Mall? For those that might be reading this from a country outside of the United States, which is highly likely. The National Mall is located in Washington D.C. and is a government funded park that […]

Taking Street Art to the Water Ways

by Jenna Austinon August 28, 2015
For New York-based artist Sean Yoro (aka Hula), making art on city walls must not have been enough. Instead, Hula grabbed his paddleboard and acrylics and hit the waters of his native Hawaii. Hula glides around the water in search of a place to paint, and then pulls off a balancing act while creating stunning […]

Maya Hayuk’s Psychedelic Street Love

by Jenna Austinon August 18, 2015
   Brooklyn-based artist Maya Hayuk is one of those artists that works well no matter what format she’s using. From murals to paintings to prints, her psychedelic and funky compositions keep viewers coming back for more.   Hayuk says of her work: “Hayuk weaves visual information from her immediate surroundings into her elaborate abstractions, creating an […]

Charlotte Caron’s Wild About Portraits

by Jenna Austinon July 20, 2015
French artist Charlotte Caron is a multi-media painter and sculptor. After having graduated from The Fine Arts of Rennes in 2013, Caron has made great strides in recognition in the art world. In her portrait series she takes photographs and layers acrylic paint over them to reveal the person’s more wild, animalistic nature. To see […]

The Orion’s Metabiotics

by Jenna Austinon July 7, 2015
For Brazilian street artist The Orion, the process of making art is two-fold. His stenciling scenes that interact with passerby’s provides insight into the culture and humor of Brazil. The Orion then photographs people who are unconsciously interacting with his work providing a catch-22. The art would not make sense without people interacting with it, […]

Can Classic Art Go Gluten Free?

by Ash M. Richteron April 29, 2015
   Can classic art go gluten free? You can bet your coeliac stomach ache it can. All it takes is a bit of creativity and a lot of patient photo-shopping.   French graphic designer Arthur Coulet put together the digital Gluten Free Museum as a joke—gently poking fun at the world-wide food trend and growing […]

The Event of a Thread

by Jenna Austinon March 25, 2015
   Ann Hamilton is a visual artist whose installations are as large as imagination and as vast as memory. For her installation “The Event of a Thread” a room was divided by a curtain of white that was strung up on iron trusses and pulleys. The rest of the room was filled with swings. On […]

Deviant of the Week: holllow

by Jenna Austinon January 29, 2015
Alexander Fedosov, also known as holllow, is a Ukranian artist that creates digital masterpieces that combine the human body with robotics and mechanics. His work is as shocking as it is refined. Using great detail and an eye for dramatic composition, Fedosov’s pieces absorb the imagination of the viewer. To see more of holllow’s work, […]

Not So Plain Paper: The Art of Simon Schubert

by Jenna Austinon January 21, 2015
German artist Simon Schubert does work with plain pieces of white paper that make intriguing pieces of art. Schubert illustrates the elaborate and ornate interiors of grand manors and palatial estates using additive and subtractive methods of paper folding. Some of his reliefs take hundreds of sheets of paper. There are some scenes that appear […]

Mandatory Listening: Kanye West feat. Paul McCartney – “Only One”

by Trace William Cowenon January 2, 2015
The process that would eventually birth the Kanye West / Paul McCartney collaboration “Only One” began with a brainstorming session at a small bungalow in Los Angeles. While McCartney improvised on the keys, West immersed himself in a stream-of-consciousness flow of vocal sketches. According to a press release, the song’s chorus – particularly the “Hello, […]