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Street Dancers Seek to Close the Gap in Rio

by Claire Meyeron August 26, 2015
   As preparations come together for the upcoming Olympics in Rio, many parts of Brazil yearn to see some of the facelift the chosen city is receiving. Those who are poor or marginalized seem to be forgotten as millions of dollars are poured into new infrastructure and stadiums to prepare for the games.In particular, the […]

Exploring Dance As A Sport

by Claire Meyeron August 13, 2015
   Dance has long received flack as falling on the more reserved side of the family of athletics. Anyone who has been through the strenuous tests of strength, balance, cardio, and agility will tell you very simply that this is not the case. Dance is up there with the most demanding of organized sports. The football […]

Forget Donating Organs. Donate A Body to Dance.

by Claire Meyeron August 4, 2015
   Say what you will, but Icelandic artist Snorri Asmundsson has tenacity and an unfaltering creative aura, to be sure. He is currently looking for a participant, close to dying or likely terminally ill, to participate in his newest, borderline morbid dance piece. In an open letter to the Facebook world, he writes: “I need a […]

DAIN to Reign

by Jenna Austinon July 30, 2015
   The streets of New York City are home and muse to many artists. For many of them, anonymity is a preferred way of life. Being somewhat anonymous allows the artists to remain free to practice and hone their craft.      One such street artist is DAIN. Elusive as he is, his work speaks […]

Limitless: Breakdancing Gets A Refresher

by Claire Meyeron July 21, 2015
    Disabilities— mental or physical— have seen a great deal of research in the last century. There is a new tone that uplifts those who were once marginalized and excluded, to now being seen as able and celebrated: particularly in the world of art. When dancers with disabilities take to the stage, does the audience […]

Can Dance Solve All the World’s Problems?

by Claire Meyeron July 14, 2015
   A new documentary called “Tap World,” aims to lay down a foundation of dance’s influence. This melding of clips from avid tap dancers highlights the zeal and pure love for tap dancing, showcased by beginning tappers to professionals making their living off fast-moving feet. The thought that many of these dancers in this documentary passionately […]

Music Streaming Services: What’s the big deal?

by Ieshia McDonaldon July 8, 2015
   There is Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music streaming services that are currently pushing out the usual way of listening to music- purchasing. Now there are subscription services that allow listeners to stream music via there own playlists. But what’s the difference from one streaming service from the next? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! […]

On Pointe Pain: Dancers Talk Injuries

by Claire Meyeron July 7, 2015
   Ballet dancers glide elegantly and effortlessly across the stage, balancing all of their weight on the tips of their toes; Irish dancers pound powerful rhythms into floor and leap high into the air; breakdancers spin on their heads and slide on shoulders without a passing flinch. There is a pause when watching dancers perform […]

North Korea’s Instructional Dance Video

by Claire Meyeron June 26, 2015
   A recently released video of North Korean traditional dances has surfaced. But it doesn’t stop there: instructions are provided! While public dancing used to be a much more frequent sight, open performance in this strict region has been seen less and less in the last decade. The songs that the dances are performed to are […]

Why Music May Be the Best Therapy

by Ieshia McDonaldon June 24, 2015
  Have you ever thought about what a day without music would be like? Many may think that they can survive without listening to music for a day, and the truth is, you most likely can, but the complications of this scenario are bigger than we may think.   Music is a very mental experience. […]