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In the Cracks: The Photography of Bing Wright

by Terrin Glasson November 23, 2015
Just take a moment and enjoy the beautiful chaos of Bing Wright’s incredible portraits.   Wright uses broken mirrors to reflect what many consider mundane scenic photos. See more of Bing Wright’s work and remember to break up your day every once and awhile. Go outside and try to see things in a different light.

Autumn de Wilde and the Field of Light

by Jenna Austinon April 17, 2015
American photographer Autumn de Wilde not only shoots stunning portraits of the stars, but as commissioned by Chrysler, also created a beautiful installation. In the California dessert, de Wilde constructed two small houses built from mirrors and colored plexiglass. Inspired by how the sun reflected off the car, de Wilde made the houses interact with […]

Mirror, Mirror: Changing the Way We See Ourselves

by Jenna Austinon December 19, 2014
What makes Daniel Rozin’s mirrors different from any other? For one, they aren’t made of the same material as the one in your bathroom. Using materials such as wood, pegs, metal, and even trash. Rozin’s mirrors raise interactive art to a new level by reacting to  whomever is standing in front of it. Tiny computers […]