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Amanda Palmer As The Nude Patron Saint Of Children’s Literacy

by Ash M. Richteron August 28, 2015
  Amanda Palmer strikes again.    The indefatigable avante garde whirlwind refuses to let her pregnancy slow down her art.    At eight months pregnant, the artist, musician, modern philosopher and ultimate Renaissance woman-of-the-future stripped down, painted up, and stood nude in front of the New York Public Library for the day as a living […]

Big Gods on the Small Screen

by Jenna Austinon July 10, 2014
The hearts of Neil Gaiman’s fans skipped a collective beat when, on twitter, Bryan Fuller (writer on HBO’s Hannibal series) announced he was on board with STARZ to help bring Gaiman’s novel American Gods to television. HBO had previously picked up the novel, but decided to drop the project, leaving STARZ free to run with […]