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Ella & Pitr Reframed

by Terrin Glasson November 5, 2015
  If you are familiar with the street art scene in Paris, then Ella & Pitr’s quirky approach to street art will be familiar. But if their playful pieces are new to you, then you’re in for a treat.   Ella and Pitr are known for creating comical sleeping giants throughout the streets and rooftops […]

KIDULT’s Coca-Cola Inspired Ebola Art

by Trace William Cowenon October 30, 2014
You might remember KIDULT from his “in-your-face graffiti, including art that trolls big-name fashion brands like Marc Jacobs and Chanel.”  While those pieces focused on the “dangers of excessive consumerism,” KIDULT’s most recent work centers on a very different kind of danger.  The French graffiti artist has unveiled a new piece in Paris, in an […]

Watch Jack White’s Riveting Paris Take-Away Show

by Trace William Cowenon September 5, 2014
We here at Perspective Daily never tire of La Blogothèque’s brilliant Take Away Shows series, and the newest installment only heightens our infatuation.  The incomparable Jack White, performing at the Saint-Saturnin Chapel at the Château de Fontainebleau in Paris, digs up an old-ish White Stripes track (“The Same Boy You’ve Always Known”) and breathes fresh immediacy […]

The Brain Rages: Herzog’s Walk from Munich to Paris

by Trace William Cowenon August 4, 2014
For their current exhibition entitled the mysterious device is always moving, Longhouse Projects have constructed a fascinating narrative around the idea of any given location’s dual identity as both a physical place and a “psychic geography.”  The exhibition, including work from 15 different international artists, borrows its name from a particularly brilliant line originally found […]