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Amanda Palmer As The Nude Patron Saint Of Children’s Literacy

by Ash M. Richteron August 28, 2015
  Amanda Palmer strikes again.    The indefatigable avante garde whirlwind refuses to let her pregnancy slow down her art.    At eight months pregnant, the artist, musician, modern philosopher and ultimate Renaissance woman-of-the-future stripped down, painted up, and stood nude in front of the New York Public Library for the day as a living […]

Netflix Deep Cuts – “Marina Abramović: The Artist is Present”

by Trace William Cowenon November 10, 2014
With thousands of films across every conceivable genre available to you at any given moment, the incomprehensible depth of Netflix can sometimes be a bit overwhelming.  That’s why Perspective Daily offers “Netflix Deep Cuts,” spotlighting those hidden gems you might have missed.  This week, we invite you to queue “Marina Abramović: The Artist is Present” […]

Honeymoon in Pickle Paradise

by Trace William Cowenon October 20, 2014
On the outskirts of the Frieze Art Fair in London, artist Athena Papadopoulos lived in Room #322 of the Landmark Hotel for her piece Honeymoon in Pickle Paradise.  Cited by i-D as “one of the more out-there exhibitions going on,” Honeymoon consists of Athena “continually rehanging a series of painting made in the space by […]

Michelangelo Pistoletto – Permanent Relevance Through Provident Reflection

by Trace William Cowenon October 7, 2014
Though known by most for his “mirror paintings” in the 1960s (and beyond), Michelangelo Pistoletto is also rightfully recognized as an early proponent and innovator or performance art.  In an effort to “unify art and daily life,” Pistoletto founded The Zoo in the late 1960s – a loose collective of artists, intellectuals, and the general […]

Sia’s Choreographer Teaches You the “Chandelier”

by Trace William Cowenon October 6, 2014
When attempting to become this year’s “most dissected pop enigma,” Sia wisely enlisted the absurdist brilliance of choreographer Ryan Heffington.  Previously responsible for the Shia LaBeouf / Sigur Rós collaboration “Fjögur Píanó,” Heffington applied his signature cathartic whimsy to Sia’s sensational clip for “Chandelier.”  Starring 11-year-old dancer Maddie Ziegler, the clip’s undeniable emotional accomplishments leap […]

The Art of Public Indecency

by Jim Dykstraon September 9, 2014
Have you ever wanted to cover your entire body in chicken skin, but not had the courage? Quit your job. Find some chickens.  Become a performance artist. Lewis Burton did just that, titling his work FLESH. It’s not a man wearing a suit of poultry epidermises; it’s a reflection of society. It’s you and I. […]

Performance Artist to Have 365 Sexual Encounters in One Year

by Trace William Cowenon August 27, 2014
Surely a feat for anyone, artistic or otherwise, Russian-born/Berlin-based performance artist Mischa Badasyan is aiming to have sex with a different man every day over the course of one year.  Badasyan, who begins this consciously controversial piece entitled Save the Date next month, cites Sophie Calle and Marc Auge as influences.  Specifically, Badasyan borrows Auge’s […]

Shia LaBeouf Nominates Marina Abramović for Ice Bucket Challenge

by Trace William Cowenon August 25, 2014
Actor/performance artist Shia LaBeouf recently abandoned his expertly maintained Twitter blackout to post his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video.  By now, you’ve likely seen tens – if not hundreds – of clips featuring other notable public figures doing exactly the same thing.  However, Shia took a slightly bolder route by nominating performance artist Marina Abramović.  […]

Public Detox with Marni Kotak

by Trace William Cowenon August 7, 2014
You might recall performance artist Marni Kotak from her news-making 2011 durational exhibition The Birth of Baby X, wherein Kotak gave birth to her son in front of a live audience.  Shortly after that performance, Kotak was diagnosed with postpartum depression and subsequently placed on a wide range of medications.  Those medications, and the life […]

Aleksandra Mir – First Woman on the Moon

by Trace William Cowenon August 6, 2014
In 1999, artist Aleksandra Mir was invited to produce a public artwork in Holland.  Tapping into the profound nostalgia surrounding the 30th anniversary of the moon landing, Mir organized a massive performance involving sand dunes, a well-placed American flag, and a full-on lunar celebration.  Currently on display at Tate Modern, First Woman on the Moon […]