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Ella & Pitr Reframed

by Terrin Glasson November 5, 2015
  If you are familiar with the street art scene in Paris, then Ella & Pitr’s quirky approach to street art will be familiar. But if their playful pieces are new to you, then you’re in for a treat.   Ella and Pitr are known for creating comical sleeping giants throughout the streets and rooftops […]

Remembering the Man Who Made the World Laugh

by Jenna Austinon August 28, 2015
Just over a year ago news of the death of Robin Williams spread like wildfire on social media. An outpouring of love for the man who made the world laugh was immediate, both towards his family and legions of fans. Some people chose to pay tribute to the actor and comedian with their art. Graffiti […]

The Making of a Squirrel: Lonac

by Jenna Austinon August 26, 2015
   Lonac is a Croatian graffiti artist that got his start early on in elementary school. He’s best known for his hyper realistic murals that he has up around England and Croatia. He got his start by doing a mural on the wall of his elementary school, and his art teacher was so impressed she […]

Seth Globepainter is Painting the World… One Wall at a Time

by Jenna Austinon August 6, 2015
For some artists the world really is their oyster. That is especially true for Julien Malland, a.k.a Seth Globepainter. The Parisian artist has been painting graffiti murals for years around the world. Some of the countries that host his works are places like China, Brazil, and Mexico among many others. Seth’s work not only integrates […]

Marcelo Ment: Street Art was ‘Ment’ to be

by Jenna Austinon August 1, 2015
   Marcelo Ment is a Brazilian artist who has been influencing the world of street art since 1998 where he began as a graffiti artist in Rio de Janeiro.   A self-taught artist himself, Ment also teaches art to younger generations.    His art graces the walls of cities all over the world, but primarily […]

Shaka and Awe

by Jenna Austinon July 31, 2015
French street artist Shaka, also known as Marchal Mithouard, is unique among street artists because of his use of 3-D bas relief incorporated into his graffiti work. He also incorporates his surroundings into his works so that the effect it has on passerby is more profound. Most of his works are exceedingly colorful, adding to […]

DAIN to Reign

by Jenna Austinon July 30, 2015
   The streets of New York City are home and muse to many artists. For many of them, anonymity is a preferred way of life. Being somewhat anonymous allows the artists to remain free to practice and hone their craft.      One such street artist is DAIN. Elusive as he is, his work speaks […]

Likes Sands In An Hourglass of Artistic Time

by Ash M. Richteron July 16, 2015
   Time is fleeting. Most art is meant to stand the test of it and outlive its artist for future generations.     The exception is sand art. Sand is a temporary medium. Its installation, brief life, and eventual destruction are part and parcel of its artistic intent. Artists like Snezana Petrovic toy with these […]

Joe Iurato’s New Dimension of Graffitti Art

by Jenna Austinon July 14, 2015
Telling the stories of how you grow up might not thrill audiences, but for artist Joe Iurato, it’s all in how you tell it. For the New Jersey native, dotting the landscape of his home state with small wooden people is how he conducts his narrative. The pieces are made from layering paper and spray […]

Street Artists of Sao Paulo

by Jenna Austinon July 9, 2015
The city of Sao Paulo is one of the most populated in the world, and certainly one of the most popular destinations for art and entertainment. Not to mention Sao Paulo hosts the biggest Gay Parade in the world, has the Brazilian Grand Prix, and ATP Brazilian Open. So it should come as no surprise […]