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The Fight for the National Mall: The Devaluing Of The U.S.

by Terrin Glasson October 14, 2015
  Recently, I read an article on NPR that posed a slightly unsettling question: Do we really need the National Mall? For those that might be reading this from a country outside of the United States, which is highly likely. The National Mall is located in Washington D.C. and is a government funded park that […]

The New Impressionist: Scott Mattlin

by Jenna Austinon June 1, 2015
   Impressionism made a lasting, well, impression, on many artists and art critics. Works of Degas, Monet, and Manet not only struck a chord with audiences around the world, but changed the direction the art community.    And while there are many who are influenced by the Impressionists, few have honored the original painters like […]

Cultura Cubana: Danza Contemporanea de Cuba

by Claire Meyeron March 18, 2015
   Cuba and America’s tentative handshake over trade and border leniency reaches far beyond that of goods and travel.   What does this new relationship mean for dance?     More conservative styles like ballet, and the traditionally more hot-and-heavy Rumba (which Cuba is known for curating) will essentially hold steadfast. But the middle ground- […]

Lauryn Hill is Back!

by Terrin Glasson July 8, 2014
After a long hiatus, Lauryn Hill is finally back on tour kicking off a US and international tour starting today in Seattle, WA.