The Event of a Thread

by on March 25, 2015

   Ann Hamilton is a visual artist whose installations are as large as imagination and as vast as memory. For her installation “The Event of a Thread” a room was divided by a curtain of white that was strung up on iron trusses and pulleys. The rest of the room was filled with swings. On one end sat two persons speaking into microphones and seated at a large table flanked my pigeons in cages. The other end was a person facing away from the center of the room and writing about the changes in environment going on behind them. Speakers were placed throughout the room so that visitors might hear the orators words as they engaged with the piece.

To see more of Ann Hamilton’s “The Event of a Thread” and other works, check out her website.

All artwork is property and copyright Ann Hamilton. 2015. | Video is courtesy of Nicholas Ramirez via Vimeo. 2015