The First Waterproof Books Are Being Made (Why Did This Take So Long!?)

by on July 10, 2015

   You know when you’re reading in the tub (because really, there is no better place to read), and things are just getting good, and you can’t wait to see what’s going to happen to your favorite character, and you’re about to turn the page … and then you accidentally drop the book? And. Then. It’s. All. Over. (Not because you read what was going to happen, but because your story is now a sopping wet pile of paper).

   Yeah, we think that sucks too — which is why we’re so excited to hear about Bibliobath’s Kickstarter campaign for waterproof books. And honestly, now that we think about it, how did nobody come up with this idea sooner? It’s brilliant!

   Bibliobath’s campaign is aiming to raise just over $10,000 for their first batch of prints. And if you’re wondering what book they’ve chosen to publish, there are actually four. Mark Twain’s Short Stories, Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Yeat’s Cloths of Heaven and Other Poems, and Zi’s The Art of War. A nice selection (we’d read all four without hesitation!).

   Check out Bibliobath’s campaign page here to see if they reach or goal (or to donate if they haven’t). C’mon, you know it’s a comfy cause (i.e. reading in the bathtub). It’s also a pretty cool video — props to the creative team and their thoughts on set design.

Featured Image: Bibliobath