The Madden Reinvention: Joel and Benji Redux

by on September 11, 2014

Reinvention can easily become a tedious, unrewarding task.  A single wrong move can inspire cries of in-authenticity or trend-hopping, burdening one’s relevancy with the unfortunate tarnish of cultural ineptitude.  But a finely tuned reinvention allows a familiar audience to view an artist’s work through new eyes – and such is the case with Joel and Benji Madden.  Best known from their frenzied rise to stardom as the twin duo at the center of ’00s pop-punk mainstays Good Charlotte, the Madden Brothers have re-entered the pop trajectory with new single “We Are Done” and a newly focused sense of self.  Their admirably unapologetic new sound, most noticeable on “We Are Done” and the 90s-nodding “Dear Jane,” is almost entirely divorced from their nearly two-decade career under the Good Charlotte moniker.  The Madden reinvention continues on September 16th with the release of Greetings from California.

Featured Image by Justin Coit / Capitol