The “Maybe We Should Breakup” Playlist

by on May 11, 2015

It’s officially breakup season. Sad, but true. Here are list of tracks that can help you cope, or gain the courage to end a relationship.


1. Comfort Inn Ending – Jhene Aiko

This song oozes emotion. Jhene speaks about being involved with someone who was never 100 percent committed. This record is perfect for venting one’s frustrations after a breakup.

2. Wasting Time – Kids These Days

This song is very nostalgic. It’s perfect for when you’re thinking about where you are emotionally. The track asks, “Am I wasting time?”

3. Be Alright – Kehlani

This song is more uplifting. In the song, Kehlani croons words of encouragement to herself despite her current hard times. This is perfect to listen to when trying to cope with a current breakup.

4. Are We There Yet? – Ingrid Michaelson

This coffeehouse-melody by Ingrid, is a song you can listen to prior to breaking up with someone. In the song, Ingrid is questioning if her and her significant other have arrived at love, and if they ever will.

So go on! Cry a little, think a lot, but don’t ever think you’re alone in the confusing journey of romance.

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