The Spring Break Soundtrack

by on March 16, 2015

   It’s time for spring break! A time to trade in exams and work overloads to relaxation and travelling endeavors warmer climates. Here are a list of tracks perfect for your travelling pleasure.

1. Energy by Iman Omari

   Iman Omari often fuses his music with Hip-Hop and Neo-Soul, and “Energy” is a perfect example of how he does it. This track is the perfect song to get your energy up for the long road trip ahead.

2. Bam Bam by Sister Nancy

   Any reggae song will naturally put you in a warm place, and “Bam Bam” is no exception. The beat is catchy and the chorus is easy to sing along to, a must-have when going on a trip with friends.

3. Motel Pool by Travis Garland

  This track is the perfect song for night traveling. Not too aggressive to take away from the calmness that nighttime brings, but energetic enough to keep you alert at the wheel (if you’re driving).

4. Naked by Marques Houston (Lil Sad x Bear//Face Remix)

   A more sensual song selection, but not too explicit due to the remix. The super sexy song by Marques Houston has been chopped and screwed and made easier to digest in a casual setting than the original track.

5. Cole Summer by J. Cole

   Who doesn’t love a nice J.Cole record to ride to? This track was produced by Majestic as well. Sampling Lauryn Hill’s classic, “Nothing Even Matters,” this track has a nice summery feel (given by the name) and can be enjoyed most with all the windows down in your vehicle, if the weather permits.