The Urban Decay of Brooks Shane Salzwedel

by on June 4, 2015

   At first glance the works of Brooks Shane Salzwedel appear to be photographs on velum. A misty and murky glance into a forest. Upon further inspection, however, and one begins to see bridges and ladders cropping up beside the trees. For Salzwedel, his work is to “reflect the subtle friction between urban development and nature.” And to show the encroachment of human development in the natural world.

   His choice in media is also a blend of the natural and the man made. Using graphite, colored pencil, and spray paint on resin to create his pieces. Framing them in antique tins or corroded pipe ends fulfills the experience.




To see more of Brooks Shane Salzwedel’s work head over to his website.

All artwork is property and copyright Brooks Shane Salzwedel. 2015.