Transgender Teens: The First Book to Talk About It

by on May 15, 2015

   Most coffee table books focus on topics like art, photography, fashion, and architecture — but what about having a coffee table book that is all about transgender teens? Guess what… there is one!

   Author and photographer Susan Kuklin’s 2014 non-fiction work, Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens  Speak Out, is the first of its kind. Kuklin fills the pages of the text with six interviews of transgender teens, working to tell the subjects’ stories as they want them to be told, not as anyone else wishes they be depicted.

  For the literary world, the publishing of this book was a big deal, and it still is. A Candlewick Press book, Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out wasn’t released by a bigwig publishing company, making it even more of an underdog on the bookshelves; but the content of its pages has managed to triumph in the competitive world of book sales. In fact, this book has landed on multiple lists for the best non-fiction transgender books released in 2014.

  Filled with moments of joyous realization and harrowing challenges, this isn’t the easiest book to read, but it’s certainly one of the most valuable in today’s ever-morphing society. This book takes a hard look into a topic that is all too often tabooed, and for that, we commend it.

Featured Image c/o Candlewick Press