WATCH: St. Vincent Delivers New Video for “Birth in Reverse”

by on December 30, 2014

We recently named St. Vincent one of our favorite albums of the year, and now we have even more retroactive proof of Annie Clark’s favoritability.  Said proof comes in the form of the new video for “Birth in Reverse,” featuring more of the playfully stifled choreography from “Digital Witness.”

Picture 5

Speaking on the “jittering choreography” and “surreal spoken-word interludes” found in her live shows supporting the Grammy-nominated St. Vincent, Clark told The Guardian there is “always a gulf to be traversed between reality and perception.” That gulf, it seems, is traversed through a highly structured – though never distractingly contrived – brand of performance. “I find a lot of liberation from structure,” she said. “If I know where I’m supposed to be, then I can deviate, and live in the moment. I think it takes a lot these days to entice people to be in the moment.”

Featured Image | Screenshot of St. Vincent