Where Fashion And Literature Meet…There’s #LiterarySwag

by on October 30, 2015

Who says you can’t be fashionable and smart?

   As a firm believer in the concept of adorning your brain, as well as, your body when I heard about the #LiterarySwag movement.  A movement that has been enlightening Twitter and Instagram users  about the joys and importance of reading and fashion I knew this was a movement I could get behind.

  The movement was started by the talented street photographer, Yadon Israel who snapped a candid of a teenage boy reading To Kill a Mockingbird on the subway. He captioned the image #LiterarySwag and out of his unassuming post arose a movement.


The Origins of #LiterarySwag


   Israel’s Instagram is a daily source of fashion and literary inspiration and lately he has been getting some admirable celebrities involved in his movement.  In short videos, Israel asks celebrities to share their favorite authors, designers, and trends.


Get involved in the #LiterarySwag movement and take some snaps of your latest book.


Check out some of the celebrity cameos on Yadon’s Instagram:


Images by Yahdon Israel