Where To Wear: The Art of Elisabeth Lecourt

by on January 7, 2015

Elisabeth Lecourt is a London-based artist who explores vulnerability and sensitivity in her artwork. Her series “Les Robes Geographiques” consists of tiny dresses made out of maps. The “Where” becomes wearable, and this allows the viewer to see the patterns that emerge from the location specific maps when they are folded and cut into miniature outfits.

The variety of maps used also creates a different feeling. Each dress is similar in style, but unique in pattern. Some dresses have maps that appear to be taken from old textbooks, while others appear to be from subway maps or drawings. Later on in the series, Lecourt brances out and makes different articles of clothing including men’s shirts and even a pair of trousers. Whatever the style, it is instantly “where”-able.




To see more of Elisabeth Lecourt’s work, check out her website.

Artwork is property and copyright Elisabeth Lecourt.