Why Larry David Is The King of Entertainment

by on February 20, 2015
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic/Getty Image
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic/Getty Image

How do I love Larry David? Let me count the ways:

1) The man is incredibly talented; so many hats are worn by this very unassuming personality. The producer, co-creator, and writer for Seinfeld is now adding acting to his repertoire. “Fish In The Dark” opened on Broadway and his performances are sold out. His incredibly unapologetic curmudgeon persona on Curb Your Enthusiasm  is a jumping off point for what viewers can expect of his theater debut. He sings; he tells jokes; he’s a great conversationalist. What a catch.

2) Larry David is never afraid to be himself. Cantankerous, pessimistic, and occasionally (irreverently) politically incorrect, he runs at the topics that everyone else might tiptoe around. Often found sticking his foot in his mouth or arriving in some uncomfortable situation, he sticks to his guns and powers through (typically digging himself deeper into cringe-worthy fumbles). He described his new play as a comedy with around 15 characters that explores a family death. One has to admire the fact that he is so at peace with who Larry David is, that his starring role is described as “somebody very similar to Larry David—it might even by Larry David with a different name.”

3) He’s adaptable and innovative. Years after Seinfeld saw its end, and a few seasons past Curb, he continues to dig his creative garden. He has come out from behind the writer’s desk and onto the main stage to surprise audiences with his singing and dancing. He’s up for anything! Well: staying true to Larry David, to an extent.

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