Why Music May Be the Best Therapy

by on June 24, 2015

  Have you ever thought about what a day without music would be like? Many may think that they can survive without listening to music for a day, and the truth is, you most likely can, but the complications of this scenario are bigger than we may think.

  Music is a very mental experience. When we’re not listening to music, we’re thinking of a song, or we hear another sound that may trigger the memory of a song. In other word, music is nearly impossible to erase from our lives. And because music is almost naturally engraved into our daily lives, it can be an edifying therapeutic tool as well. Here are some interesting facts about the therapeutics of music.

1. Music can encourage a great workout.

When you work out in silence you’re aware of how tired you are and whatever muscle aches you may have. Whereas, listening to music during a workout can drown these physical distractions and push you to work out harder.

2. We can understand the emotions of a song without feeling the emotions of that song.

This is why you can listen to an entire Adele album without feeling minor signs of depression. You can appreciate a song for the musicality without taking on the emotions of the song.

3. Music can improve mental and physical health.

Music therapists found that listening to music, as well as creating music can improve cognitive functioning, motor skills and all over quality of life.

4. Music can help you cope.

It can be used to express feelings that we are unable to put into our actual words. What music we listen to tends to reflect our mood. This can help to acknowledge emotions to ourselves, almost like a personal healing session.

For more information, visit http://www.musictherapy.org to find out more about the affects of music therapy.

Featured Image by Inessa Akhmedova