World of Beercraft

by on September 23, 2014

   Karen Eland enjoys a good beer; so much in fact that she’s made it her craft.
She uses beer to paint pictures. Not on sidewalks, but canvases.

Her journey began when she moved to Bend, Oregon, an area that many would consider the mecca of brews. Surrounded by beverages of limitless delectation, she became acquainted with porters and stouts. These darker beers would become her paint.
Eland’s process is straightforward. First, take a sip or two. Next, dip a brush in a beer and use it like watercolor. For a lighter shade, she’ll mix the beer with water.

The results are anything but watered down. Her work has been commissioned by breweries, and people often send her their favorite beers to use. That’s a career path that goes down smooth.

Featured Image “The Drinker” by Karen Eland.