YouTube Sensations You Should Know

by on May 14, 2015

We all follow at least one artist on YouTube that we wish we could hear on the radio. This piece provide a shortened summary of my favorite YouTube Sensations.

1. Daniela Andrade

Daniela Andrade can make any song acoustically beautiful. There is a coffeehouse quality in her voice. The above track is a perfect example. In the video she takes a Childish Gambino rap song and transforms it to soothing, melodic tune. Apart from her covers, she also produces original songs. It’s very evident by her song choices and original content that she is a lyricists.

2.JR Aquino

It’s unbelievable how many followers JR has on YouTube, but has not hit mainstream yet. His voice is well equipped for hitting both high and low notes, and he can play just about any tune on his guitar. His rise to popularity was due to his msinstream song covers and mashups, but recently for his original content. An abide Drake and Trey Songz enthusiast via his cover archives, hopefully JR can break into the mainstream R&B genre soon.

3.Jeremy Passion

Also known for his covers and mashups, Jeremy Passion has gained many devoted followers over the years. He usually films in his at-home studio playing his keyboard or guitar. He also collaborates with other singers, such as JR Quino and Tori Kelly, expanding his fan base. The above video is the sixth edition of his Twitbook Medley videos. Where he asked fans to suggest songs for him to cover by way of Twitter or Facebook.