The Shadow Knows: The Art of Kumi Yamashita

by Jenna Austinon January 27, 2015
As a child, being afraid of the dark is a natural part of growing up. In ...

The Detailed Dioramas of Matthew Albanese

by Jenna Austinon January 26, 2015
The work of American photographer Matthew Albanese is stunning, and then you se...


The Augmented Reality of Peter Kogler

by Jenna Austinon January 23, 2015
Austrian artist Peter Kogler augments reality with his incredible installations. Combing archit...

Art Mirrored at the Edge of the Desert

by Jenna Austinon January 22, 2015
 As a photographer and a scientist, Daniel Kukla has an interesting way of looking at the world. Kukla ...


Not So Plain Paper: The Art of Simon Schubert

by Jenna Austinon January 21, 2015
German artist Simon Schubert does work with plain pieces of white paper that make intriguing pieces of art. Schubert illustrates the elaborate and ornate interiors of grand manors and palatial estates using additive and subtractive methods of paper folding. Some of his reliefs take hundreds of sheets of paper. There are some scenes that appear […]
Girl in a White Kimono, George Hendrik Breitner, 1894, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Museums Are Finally Letting People In

by Ash M. Richteron January 21, 2015
We’ve always been allowed through the physical front doors of museums. We’ve been allowed to to...


Missing Keanu At The Museum

by Ash M. Richteron January 20, 2015
Every museum I will ever visit will be compared to San Francisco’s Legion of Honor. It was the first major museum I ever wandered and t...

That Familiar Feeling and the Art of Chiara Bautista

by Jenna Austinon January 20, 2015
Chiara Bautista is an illustrator living and working out of Tuscon, Arizona. Her exceptional artwork comes in...


Before There Was Photoshop

by Jenna Austinon January 19, 2015
Long before “Photoshop” became a verb, the process of setting up elaborate shots took anywhere from sever...
The Shapeways 3D printed 4D kinetic dress from Nervous System

The MoMA’s New 3D Printed Dress Sets Exciting Precedence

by Ash M. Richteron January 19, 2015
The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art’s acquisition of a 3D Printed 4D ...