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How to Unblock the Creative Dam

by Claire Meyeron April 21, 2015
   We see beautiful performances, seemingly floating together effortlessly. It’s true that a lot of work goes into them: the costumes, the stage, the choreography itself. But what happens when the the stream dries up that supplies fresh ideas for new pieces? Much like any kind of creative block, there is a stop up to […]

Songs that Remind you Summer is Near

by Ieshia McDonaldon April 21, 2015
Summer is almost here, can’t you feel it? The air is becoming more humid, and our sunglasses are no longer collecting dusts. Here are some tracks that will have you summer ready! 1. “Favorite Song” by Chance The Rapper Chance is one of the most energetic emerging rappers of today, and this track is the […]


Art in Bloom: Bobbie Burgers

by Jenna Austinon April 21, 2015
  The name Bobbie Burgers might conjure up images of cartoon characters in your mind. But for the Canadian artist, and art aficionados, the moniker is synonymous with beautiful floral paintings and sculptures. Burgers, whose work is inspired by the Dutch masters, falls somewhere between impressionism and rococo. The canvases themselves are almost larger than […]

Meet Madisen Ward And The Mama Bear

by Ieshia McDonaldon April 20, 2015
   Madisen Ward And The Mama Bear are a mother-son duo out of Kansas City, Mo., that perform original folk music. Madisen Ward, 26, is the lead vocalist and songwriter of the group, while his mother, Ruth Ward, 62, is the backup vocalist. Both play the guitar.    When firsts hearing about this mother-son duo, […]


Stitch and Rip: Ana Teresa Barboza

by Jenna Austinon April 20, 2015
    Peruvian artist Ana Teresa Barboza does not take the art of embroidery lightly. Her works would not be described by onlookers as soft and delicate. Instead she uses her thread to evoke visceral reactions from her audience. Her series of embroidery on images of the body are both beautiful and haunting. In one […]

The Handmade Life of Niky Roehreke

by Jenna Austinon April 17, 2015
   Niky Roehreke, a German/Japanese Illustrator living and working out of Brooklyn, New York believes that the best way to communicate is with your hands. Which is why hands figure prominantly in her works, and also influence her way of making art.    She explains that she usually makes at least one collage, drawing, or […]

An Emerging Voice in Comedy

by Claire Meyeron April 17, 2015
“Nobody expects Muslim women to be artists, let alone comedians,” says New York-based writer/performer Aizzah Fatima. She has created a one-woman show, Dirty Paki Lingierie, to showcase the many roles that Muslim women play. In an even more specific niche, she wants to highlight the way South Asian women work to find the balance between […]

A New Way of Seeing Van Gogh: On the Silver Screen

by Jenna Austinon April 17, 2015
   Fans of artist Vincent Van Gogh are in a for an exciting treat as a new movie based on the works of Van Gogh was released Tuesday. “A New Way of Seeing” brings Van Gogh’s art to a larger than life audience as the film goes behind the scenes of the Van Gogh museum […]


The Proclaimed Best: Pulitzer Prize Winners of the Past Decade

by Chelsey Grassoon April 17, 2015
   There are few greater accomplishments for an author than winning the much coveted, highly respected Pulitzer Prize — but can you actually name any of the books that have won one in the past ten years? Despite the reputation of the Pulitzer Prize and the ever recognizable golden seal of approval on every book that has […]

The Ideal Beauty… According To Music

by Ieshia McDonaldon April 15, 2015
   What, or who is beautiful? Questions that will never have a direct answer. As we all know, there is not just one idea of beauty. This ideal changes between cultures, ages and even genders; there will never be just one answer.    The definition of beauty, much like music, can be a reflection of […]