Photo Credit: Lucille-Desi Center for Comedy

Ghost-y Standup: Comedians in Hologram Form

by Claire Meyeron May 29, 2015
   There’s a lot of great comedians that have fallen off the radar. As more time passes since many of these great performers have passed on, their legacy falls and their greatest stand-ups from the varying eras are buried, as well. The National Comedy Center, set to open sometime in 2016 in Jamestown, NY, will feature […]
Photo Credit: Melbourne Arts Club

The World of “Boylesque”

by Claire Meyeron May 29, 2015
   In a hidden world that he never imagined, photographer Magnus Arrevad has captured the amazing underground world of male burlesque dancers in a series of photographs in a collection called “Boy Story.” Beyond the vibrant stages of drag shows, male entertainers are able to freely express themselves and get the opportunity to “just be […]


What the Richest Man in the World Recommends Reading This Summer

by Chelsey Grassoon May 29, 2015
  Bill Gates, the world’s richest man, has put out his summer recommendation reading list — and we don’t know about you, but we’re pretty sure that there might be something to glean from this brilliant man’s book suggestions.   While there is a lot of controversy revolving around the genesis of the computer and […]

Saint Records

by Ieshia McDonaldon May 29, 2015
   In 2013, singer and songwriter Solange Knowles introduced Saint Records to the world of music. Known for its release of compilation album, Saint Heron, which features 11 independent artists, the recording label is dedicated to giving unheard R&B artists a platform to be heard. Artists on the compilation range from popular songstress, Jhene Aiko […]


Kim Graham’s “Ent-spirational” Sculptures

by Jenna Austinon May 29, 2015
   Fans of J.R.R. Tolkien’s works The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit will no doubt find great appeal in sculptor Kim Graham’s works. One of her largest projects to date, Graham’s friendly tree troll sits quietly in the pacific northwest and happily entertains visitors.    The sculpture is made out of reclaimed lumber, […]

Charmaine Olivia’s Personal Touch

by Jenna Austinon May 29, 2015
  For most artists, going to art school is non-negotiable. But for self-taught artist Charmaine Olivia, learning along the way can be just as profitable.    The San Francisco artist’s work has grown over the years from traditional black silhouettes on white background, to more intricate and colorful oil paintings. Olivia also adds a personal […]


Mr. and Mrs. Doctor: Iromuanya Challenges the American Dream

by Chelsey Grassoon May 28, 2015
  Julie Iromuanya’s debut novel, Mr. and Mrs. Doctor is a slam dunk when it comes to literary fiction. While so many of today’s new releases just aren’t worth taking the time to read, we can say with certainty that is not the case with this book. Just the opposite, this is a book worth […]
The Ice Cream Sandwich from Bachor's 'Treats in the Streets' series in Chicago

Ancient Roman Mosaics With A Modern Pop Culture Twist

by Ash M. Richteron May 28, 2015
   Having problems with a pesky pothole outside your house? No worries. Artist Jim Bachor can fix that up with a creative pop art solution straight out of a time machine.    Using ancient Roman mosaic techniques and fancy bits of Italian glass and marble, Bachor will whip up an ironic piece of modern art […]


This Book Can Be Planted After It’s Read

by Chelsey Grassoon May 28, 2015
  As much as we love holding a physical, paper and ink book in our hands here at Perspective Daily, there is still always a slight sentiment of guilt in regards to how it got there. In a world that is facing growing environmental challenges and terrifyingly high waste piles, trees are an important resource […]
Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Desert Dancer Shows Iran’s “Footloose”

by Claire Meyeron May 21, 2015
   Footloose, Dirty Dancing, and a touch of Billy Elliot have been taken to the streets of Iran in a movie that serves as a sort of protest of the illegality of public dancing throughout the country. Desert Dancer follows the true story of a group of Iranian twentysomethings who indulge their love of dance, despite the consequences of being […]