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Stitch and Dissolve: The Art of Amanda McCavour

by Jenna Austinon September 17, 2014
    At first glance the viewer might think that Amanda McCavour‘s living room scene is something straight from an impressionist painting. The lines and texture give it an eerie feeling, as if it’s been drawn in space. And perhaps it has, thanks to McCavour’s technique. To create her pieces, McCavour illustrates the design, then […]
Spokane Throw

‘Spokane Throw’ Brings Residents’ Handwritten Letters to Life

by Trace William Cowenon September 17, 2014
    Instead of tweeting your next declaration, why not project it onto the side of a building in Downtown Spokane?  This creative query forms the basis of Spokane Throw, a community arts project (based in Spokane, WA) focused on “catalyzing healthy forms of communication and cultural expression in shared public spaces.”  Residents of Spokane […]

"Emma Bailey, Poet"
Archival inkjet prints on vellum, physically woven together. 25.5" x 20.5" 2013 (2014)

Seeing Double: Woven Portraits Will Captivate and Disorient You

by Trace William Cowenon September 17, 2014
    David Samuel Stern described his woven portraits to Studio 360 as a “teetering between abstraction and realism” which, in his opinion, is a much more profound approach to portraiture than the usual eternal stillness found in traditional methods.  The portraits are striking enough to almost immediately render the viewer in complete agreement with […]
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The Muslims Are Coming!

by Taylor Cooperon September 17, 2014
    So get ready to laugh your ass off! The Muslims Are Coming! allows audiences to understand, relate to, and laugh like crazy at the stereotypes that have been put in place ever since the country went terror level code orange in 2001. The documentary follows Muslim comedians Negin Farsad (Ted Talk Speaker), Dean […]


Laura Hollick’s “Trees of nü York”

by Jenna Austinon September 16, 2014
    Canadian artist and shaman Laura Hollick has been a creative re-kindler for many years. Hollick created Soul Art Studio in order to help people get back to their most creative self. Her latest work, “Nü Icon” is about a shift in the way we think and approach creativity. Her Nü Icon Movie is slated to premiere […]

Fan Art: Talent Reaganomics

by Jim Dykstraon September 16, 2014
    The beauty of creative genius is its trickle-down effect. When a deluge of ingenuity is bestowed upon someone, some of that talent juice is bound to cascade downward onto the nearest bystander. Here we’ll take a look at a few ubiquitous public figures, and the artistic ripples their talent spawned. Barack Obama, seen […]

Ballerina, 2011. Grey Bardiglio Marble

Kevin Francis Gray’s Fabric-Drip Sculptures Depict the Royalty of Everyday People

by Trace William Cowenon September 16, 2014
    Employing the traditional method of marble sculpting (i.e. chiseling by hand), Irish artist Kevin Francis Gray drapes his anonymous subjects in hyper-realistic depictions of fabric.  Meant to evoke the royal sensibilities of Neoclassical figurative sculptures, Gray’s mysteriously veiled sculptures eschew the god-like muses of that era in favor of everyday people – many […]
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Greg Packer and the Art of Ubiquity

by Trace William Cowenon September 16, 2014
    Proving there is actually a great deal of work behind the age-old sentiment “right place, right time,” joyful every-man Greg Packer’s position on the Throne of the Most Quoted seems relatively unshakable.  With his short film The Most Quoted Man in the News (at 5 minutes, it’s quite short indeed), Andrew David Watson profiles […]


On The Marc

by Jenna Austinon September 15, 2014
    New York based illustrator Marc Scheff wears a lot of hats. Not only a gifted and disciplined artist, Scheff works also as an art director and educator with a history of computer science and programming. He currently teaches Illustration 101 via smART school. SmART school encourages people to further their talents and appreciation […]
Image: Tom Spray

Choice Video: Metronomy – “Month of Sundays”

by Trace William Cowenon September 15, 2014
    As astutely noted by Stereogum, the confusion at the center of Metronomy‘s new video for “Month of Sundays,” directed by Callum Cooper, is the root of its inimitable appeal.  Taken from Metronomy’s most recent album Love Letters, Cooper’s seemingly impossible methods of capture add a sense of technical mystique to “Sundays,” providing an […]