Global Band of the Week: Faarrow

by Ieshia McDonaldon March 27, 2015
   Faarrow is a sister-duo group originally from Mogadishu, Somalia. When they were very young they fled their home in Somalia with their family to Toronto, Canada due to civil war. Iman (pictured left) and Siham (pictured right), infuse their culture within their music from the African drums prevalent in many of their songs to […]
The gift

Science and Religion Are Brought Into the Arena in “The Gift”

by Claire Meyeron March 27, 2015
      There is a large binary in our systems of belief. Winding farther back than religious sects or groups is the bare bones debate of where many people’s convictions take root. where Science and religion have long found separate homes in conversation, politics, schools, and many arenas of popular culture. There are those who […]


Opening Lines: 10 of the Best First Sentences in Novels

by Chelsey Grassoon March 27, 2015
    How do you know if a book’s worth reading? A lot of times, it doesn’t take more than one sentence. The first line of a story can say everything. It’s meant to hook, line, and sink — and if it’s really well written, it can represent the entirety of the work in its brevity. […]

Housing Development on a Roll with New Design

by Jenna Austinon March 27, 2015
   The University of Karlsruhe is on a roll with their latest housing development project. “Roll It” is a house that is cylindrical in design and is made for easy transportation and maximizing comfort in a small space. Inside there are three sections including a desk, a bed, and a dining space complete with a […]


The Zen Imaginings of Laura Berger

by Jenna Austinon March 26, 2015
   Chicago based illustrator, Laura Berger, explores the connection between people and the adventures hidden in everyday life. Working mostly with acrylic and gouache, Berger draws up life in whimsical creatures that are just as zen as they are imaginative. Her work is not limited to two dimensional canvases, but branches out into animation and […]
Jessica Ledwich. The Monstrous Feminine #1.

The Monstrous Feminine Unleashed

by Ash M. Richteron March 26, 2015
   Women are taught that beauty is pain.    Society expects females to look a certain way and conform their bodies to fit a standard norm. But that norm is practically unattainable. Taken out of context, the procedures ladies undertake to try to achieve the make believe Barbie conventions of beauty are both laughable and […]

An interactive variant of Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' at Art In Island, From The Art In Island Facebook

The Philippines Knows How To Get You To Take The Best Selfies

by Ash M. Richteron March 25, 2015
    Feel like your selfies just aren’t cutting it? Wishing you could attain something greater than a gym or bathroom selfie? Well, you’re in luck—because the Philippines have come up with a way for you to properly express yourself.    The Art In Island Interactive Museum in Quezon City is a chance for you […]

Spotlight on J.D. Salinger

by Chelsey Grassoon March 25, 2015
   J.D. Salinger: master of the novel, the story story, and everything in between. From his beloved characterization of Holden Caulfield in The Catcher in the Rye to his unforgettable Glass Family dialogue in Franny & Zoey to the hauntingly structured short story Teddy — Salinger’s range continues to widen in tenfold the more his work […]

Masthead Photo Edit 1IMG_1835 N

The Event of a Thread

by Jenna Austinon March 25, 2015
   Ann Hamilton is a visual artist whose installations are as large as imagination and as vast as memory. For her installation “The Event of a Thread” a room was divided by a curtain of white that was strung up on iron trusses and pulleys. The rest of the room was filled with swings. On […]
The Sing-Off

Acapella Groups: Harmony in Action

by Ieshia McDonaldon March 24, 2015
   The task of singing acapella is frightening. Singing in front of a crowd in itself is terrifying- but without music, is a whole new kind of challenge. Luckily, there are acapella groups that are able to conquer this as a beautiful and harmonious unit.   Take Afro Blue for example. A singing group from […]