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Desert Dancer Shows Iran’s “Footloose”

by Claire Meyeron May 21, 2015
   Footloose, Dirty Dancing, and a touch of Billy Elliot have been taken to the streets of Iran in a movie that serves as a sort of protest of the illegality of public dancing throughout the country. Desert Dancer follows the true story of a group of Iranian twentysomethings who indulge their love of dance, despite the consequences of being […]

Jimmy Lawlor’s Rural Surrealism

by Jenna Austinon May 19, 2015
Sometimes you have to poke fun at yourself, and for Irish artist Jimmy Lawlor, that’s more fun to do with paint. The former Disney animator hasn’t long been a surrealist painter who makes jabs at the Irish life (both real and perceived). He’s only been painting this way for a few years, but has quickly […]


A Student Turns “Bound 2″ into a Children’s Book

by Chelsey Grassoon May 15, 2015
“Kanye was the coolest kid in town.” “And Kim was the cutest chick around.”   So begins Bound 2Gether, an illustrated children’s book that’s based on Kanye West’s infamous “Bound 2″ music video. That’s right, you heard us right: a children’s book based on a Kanye West song.   Design student Zac Tebbal has pieced […]

Transgender Teens: The First Book to Talk About It

by Chelsey Grassoon May 15, 2015
   Most coffee table books focus on topics like art, photography, fashion, and architecture — but what about having a coffee table book that is all about transgender teens? Guess what… there is one!    Author and photographer Susan Kuklin’s 2014 non-fiction work, Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens  Speak Out, is the first of its kind. […]

Fifth Harmony

The Extinction of Girl Groups

by Ieshia McDonaldon May 15, 2015
Currently, boy bands are winning. Why is that? What happened to the TLCs, the Spice Girls or the Danity Kane’s? It is evident that girl groups are now scarce, but what caused this extinction? Many of the girl groups of the past, are amongst the top-selling groups of all time, but it seems that nowadays […]

Who sang it first?

by Ieshia McDonaldon May 15, 2015
   Currently, when one thinks of a song cover, an aspiring artist with an acoustic guitar comes to mind, thanks to YouTube. But what many do not know is that some of the most famous musical artists sing covers. One can think of it as simply borrowing, but not giving the sing back of course, […]


The Beauty in Blood

by Jenna Austinon May 15, 2015
It’s not unusual for creative people to have “A-Ha!” moments in unusual places. For artist Jen Lewis, her’s came in the bathroom while pouring out her menstrual cup. So while most artists work in paint, charcoal, or clay Jen Lewis works in blood. Seeing the way that the blood mimicked paint, Lewis saw an opportunity […]

B. Yellowtail & The New World of Fashion

by Jenna Austinon May 15, 2015
Now a days the fashion world isn’t just being turned on it’s head, it’s being held upside down and having it’s lunch money stolen. Models such as Tess Holliday and Maddie Stewart are breaking down the walls of what the faces of modeling look like. But other boundaries are being broken as well. Bethany Yellowtail […]


Elin Thomas & Breaking the Mould

by Jenna Austinon May 15, 2015
Knitting, crochet, and embroidery have all taken on an evolution of sorts in the past few years. Far from being a hobby, these crafts have become a way to earn a sizable income. But for Elin Thomas, it means all that and more. In her series “mould and lichen”, Thomas honors nature by crocheting and […]

Introducing, Wondaland Records

by Ieshia McDonaldon May 15, 2015
Wondaland Records, headed by artist Janelle Monae is a compilation of eccentric singers very similar to her own Style. Stemming from Sony Music Entertainment, Wondaland, according to Janelle is more than just a record label, it’s a movement. Inspiring others to be themselves, and to creatively express who they are. Jidenna Jidenna is currently the […]