Icarus (2014) // Image: Daniel Leyva and INTERSTATE

Techno-Heaven, Techno-Hell, and Everything in Between

by Trace William Cowenon October 22, 2014
    For his exhibition Blood Tastes Like Iron, net artist / web developer Daniel Leyva simultaneously utilizes the disparate concepts of religion and technology “to tell us about who we are and where we’re headed.”  In doing so, Leyva has initiated a sort-of “techno-heaven and techno-hell.” Chapel (2014) // Image: Daniel Leyva & INTERSTATE […]
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New on the Music Scene: Simona Green (Exclusive)

by Jenna Austinon October 22, 2014
    Subtle shifts in pop music have been happening over the past couple of years with the introduction of artists such as Lorde, Lana Del Ray, and Ariana Grande leading the pack. Young women are reinventing themselves along with the music genre and ushering in a new kind of credibility. Kaleidoscope – Simona Green […]

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Choice Video: Son Lux – “Easy”

by Trace William Cowenon October 21, 2014
    The sensual immediacy at the heart of “Easy,” taken from the album Lanterns, is astutely captured by director David Terry Fine in the song’s respective clip.  Shot in striking black-and-white, with the absence of color giving way to patches of darkness which only heighten the tension of the slow pulse of “Easy,” Fine’s […]
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FKA Twigs Teams with Google Glass for #throughglass

by Trace William Cowenon October 21, 2014
    Though the general reception and public acceptance of Google Glass – Goggle’s stab at creating an omnipresent computer through wearable tech – has been a continuously uphill battle, a recent happening in the Glass conversation could shift a few hearts and minds.  FKA twigs recently unveiled her Google Glass concept film entitled #throughglass, […]


Faith Erin Hicks: From Demons to Bigfoot

by Jenna Austinon October 21, 2014
    Cartoonist Faith Erin Hicks of Halifax, Nova Scotia, came onto the art scene in 1999 with her free web-comic “Demonology 101″. A story about a girl named Raven who also happens to be a demon. Since then Hicks has worked for Marvel and Dark Horse Comics among others and her portfolio has only […]
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“Rick Was Here” Recalls the Energy of Eighties New York and the Birth of Def Jam

by Trace William Cowenon October 20, 2014
    “Make it yours.  That’s the thing that can change the world.” – Rick Rubin One could say that such a quote fully embodies the spirit and divisive attention to creative detail that has defined Rubin’s storied, decades-strong career.  The initial sparks of that career are documented in the brief but essential Rolling Stone […]

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Honeymoon in Pickle Paradise

by Trace William Cowenon October 20, 2014
    On the outskirts of the Frieze Art Fair in London, artist Athena Papadopoulos lived in Room #322 of the Landmark Hotel for her piece Honeymoon in Pickle Paradise.  Cited by i-D as “one of the more out-there exhibitions going on,” Honeymoon consists of Athena “continually rehanging a series of painting made in the […]

Zaria Forman: These Aren’t Photographs

by Jenna Austinon October 20, 2014
    In 2006 and 2012 artist Zaria Forman led an Arctic expedition up the coast of Greenland. Forman created her exhibition “Chasing the Light” based on the exploration. The last trip was not for artistic reasons alone, but as a chance for Forman to document changes in climate, global warning, and most importantly as a final […]

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808 – The Heart of the Beat That Changed Music

by Trace William Cowenon October 17, 2014
    Regardless of your familiarity level with its name, you know – and have likely loved – the Roland TR-808 drum machine.  Since its initial release in 1980, the 808 has repeatedly reinvented the musical landscape with a unmatched consistency.  In the upcoming film 808, director Alexander Dunn chronicles the journey of the iconic […]

Netflix Deep Cuts – “Stories We Tell”

by Trace William Cowenon October 17, 2014
    With thousands of films across every conceivable genre available to you at any given moment, the incomprehensible depth of Netflix can sometimes be a bit overwhelming.  That’s why Perspective Daily offers “Netflix Deep Cuts,” spotlighting those hidden gems you might have missed.  This week, we invite you to queue “Stories We Tell” – […]