Abigail Larson: Masterfully Macabre

by Jenna Austinon October 31, 2014
Perhaps there is no better artist to enjoy on Halloween than Abigail Larson. A Richmond, Virginia based artist whose illustrations are delightfully grim and sensually spooky. Drawing inspiration from Edgar Allen Poe, fairytales, and Morticia Addams, Larson’s sketchy style will make you swoon. Larson combines pencil, watercolor, and Photoshop skills to bring her art to […]
David Talley Photography

Exploring the Darker Side of a Positive Change with David Talley

by Trace William Cowenon October 31, 2014
“the darker side of a positive change – the fright before a new adventure, the uncertainty of a new love, and the mystery contained within” This is Californian artist David Talley’s description of his own work, photographic portraits featuring relataable characters in fictional narratives.  Juxtapoz writer Canbra Hodsdon makes special note of Talley’s “romanticized use […]


The Giants of Iceland

by Jenna Austinon October 30, 2014
In a move to make the landscape of Iceland more visually stimulating, Choi + Shine Architects added one minor detail: Giants. The ‘Giants’ are electrical pylons manufactured to carry electrical wires. With a few minor changes to the existing pylon structures, the once uninspiring towers now engage gracefully with their environment. The human towers are posed to […]
Image: @therealkidult via Twitter

KIDULT’s Coca-Cola Inspired Ebola Art

by Trace William Cowenon October 30, 2014
You might remember KIDULT from his “in-your-face graffiti, including art that trolls big-name fashion brands like Marc Jacobs and Chanel.”  While those pieces focused on the “dangers of excessive consumerism,” KIDULT’s most recent work centers on a very different kind of danger.  The French graffiti artist has unveiled a new piece in Paris, in an […]

Image: Steven Klein for Interview Magazine

Original Instrumental Demo for “New Slaves” Surfaces Online

by Trace William Cowenon October 30, 2014
For an example of the powers of minimalism, one need look no further than Kanye’s triumphant “New Slaves.”  A standout on a divisively forward-thinking album, “New Slaves” maintains sparse instrumentation until its reverse-explosion of an ending featuring Frank Ocean.  As with any Kanye track, the story behind every single sound in “New Slaves” is a […]

The Dualistic Work of Audrey Kawasaki

by Jenna Austinon October 28, 2014
The work of Audrey Kawasaki can be described best by what it is and by what it isn’t. While her work is often erotic, there is also an innocence to her subjects. Her paintings are as ethereal as they are eerie. Her influences pull from both Mucha and manga. However her creations are described, she easily […]


Marilyn Manson Gives Away New Single “Third Day of a Seven Day Binge”

by Trace William Cowenon October 28, 2014
Over the past few years, Marilyn Manson has remained busy with another side of his creative identity – acting.  You’ve likely seen him in the hit FX series Sons of Anarchy, ABC’s Once Upon a Time, the David Duchovny-starring Californication, and/or the HBO comedy Eastbound and Down.  In a well-timed act of generosity, Manson has […]
Banshee Chapter: Oculus Edition

“Banshee Chapter” – Virtual Reality’s First Feature Film

by Trace William Cowenon October 28, 2014
As the attainability of technology grows to ubiquitous levels, the need for immersive storytelling grows just as quickly.  The ever-expanding realm of Oculus Rift entertainment (virtual reality head-mounted display) – often at the center of such speculative conversations on the future of immersive storytelling – has just managed to make a lofty dent in the […]

SweetSounds Music

New on the Music Scene: Simona Green (Exclusive)

by Jenna Austinon October 28, 2014
Subtle shifts in pop music have been happening over the past couple of years with the introduction of artists such as Lorde, Lana Del Ray, and Ariana Grande leading the pack. Young women are reinventing themselves along with the music genre and ushering in a new kind of credibility. Kaleidoscope – Simona Green New to […]

For Sale: Adorable Monsters

by Jenna Austinon October 27, 2014
Russian artist Santani is the genius maker of these insanely cute monsters. They are made to order and created out of faux fur, clay, and paint. A mix of fantasy and reality, these adorable little guys look as if they’ve leapt off the pages of a graphic novel, or walked out of Ghibli studio. Wherever […]